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Free html5 page turn Magazine maker

We always persist the idea that if our users feel good, we feel good
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3 June 2014

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We always persist the idea that if our users feel good, we feel good. Fliphtml5 is a quality flip book maker not only because it's based on advanced technology, but because it well meets the demand of users. It creates flipbook with super interactivity that allows users of electronic devices to regain their love for book reading. We now can read vivid books straight on our Iphone, IPAD, so we won't be nostalgic about our past book reading times anymore. Fliphtml5 tremendously helps business managers or web developers because their digital magazines or catalogs based on fliphtml5 are so inspiring and greatly improve their sales.
The most important quality of fliphtml5 is that it always creates accurate and consistent HTML5 flip books that are compatible to all the mobile devices. It maximizes the reaching range of your flip book so it can be so easily distributed and you can make the most use of your flip book. Besides, fliphtml5 also has other essential qualities that best server our users.----FlipHTML5
1.Chic build-in templates: many chic templates are available for you to choose as background for your flip book.
2.Multiple exporting formats:Fliphtml5 offers the format of html5, zip, exe,plug-in, flash,etc, you may chose the appropriate format according to your own need.
3.Searchable to main stream search engine: your flipbook will be able to achieve SEO. It greatly helps bring web visits to your websites.
4.Rich media embedding tools: want to impress your clients with gorgeous Youtube videos, audios, video, pictures? Use the page editor to add rich media to your flip book.
5.Add hyperlinks. You can add hyperlinks to your flip book and direct your clients to your web store, which effectively increase business orders.
6.Add google analytics to trace your clients; want to know the visitings of clients to your flipbook and well understand their demand? Add a google analytics to know their traces.

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